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  1. Venkatesh jha

    Best score, best songs, best visuals, awesome action, great actors and director, awesome movie and best Spiderman - AG

  2. Psycho Gaming

    Bobby Brown in Ghostbusters 2:Could i get a proton pack for my kid brother? Egon:Proton Packs are not toys *30 Years Later* *Kid plays With Proton Pack 30 Years later*

  3. KP Nesto

    Who’s after playing Play Station 5?

  4. Daniillee

    I’m actually watching the movie right now, and all I’m going to say is. No: Not only was it disappointing but it looked like it wasn’t even apart of the craft history to begin with. It took a complete different turn, I know they tried to appeal to younger audience like me but honestly I felt like they ruined a masterpiece.

  5. عبدالهادي الحربي


  6. Stef Alexandra

    Lmao this was gayest movie ever even Charmed TV show was better.

  7. Shane Gans

    The movie was pure shit

  8. It’s Yadjeen

    Let's just pray..

  9. Mef Head

    Not a horror movie. Just SJW virtue signalling garbage to the highest degree. What a disappointing embarrassment. Just glad I didn't pay to watch this cringey manure. Only purpose it serves is to brainwash tweens. I thought the remake of The Witches was bad (another disappointment), but infinitely better than this trash.

  10. Evaldo Paixao do nascimento

    Não gostei dessa versão, nada haver com a original desculpa cagaram nesse filme

  11. Maya Hates y'all

    This is like the original but for the straight girls

  12. ArachnidAnimations

    Why is it that the trailer was better than the movie itself? WHY?!?!

  13. Elias Lenoir

    Existerai t il ? T EL est la question !

  14. Tuyenikelao ya Kamati

    1:21:40 reverend has had enough lmao

  15. asoka Kumar

    Corona : now its my turn.

  16. Thinles Dorjay

    I would have rather preferred to die in 2012 than seeing this shitty year 2020

  17. Panic! On the Argo

    Ok, love the movie, but Just a quick warning that there are *FLASHING IMAGES* that appear, so for anyone who gets affected by that sort of thing please turn the brightness of your screen down or look away. Please enjoy!

  18. Justin Harman

    This is from the same people that made Spider-Verse?!

  19. Tuyenikelao ya Kamati

    "Oh reverend i need to make a confession I'm not a priest and I'm not a Catholic" 😂😂😂😂

  20. swxfty_shiloh

    Recommended on Halloween 2020

  21. Salih Ali

    وين الفلم كامل؟

  22. RedboneBonered

    Love the movie interesting ending I just knew. Love the new movie everything was different. We need a 3

  23. Heavy Hitta

    Lol we are the weirdos 😜

  24. kimberly ingram


  25. Schehrazad Aviya

    I'm actually amazed at how much this movie sucks. It's downright cringe in some bits. Completely catered to every failed theater kid. Liberalism is a disease.

  26. diepunks

    “wE arE the WeIrDoS MR”

  27. Davi Roger

    who's here after insomanic added the skin from this movie?

  28. khmervegas

    Spend 2hrs watching this movie or spend 2hrs playing E.T. on the Atari 2600? Hmm... E.T. it is.

  29. Epic Sizzly

    We hop if andrew comes in spiderman 3 so definitely spiderman 3 cross 2B$+ easily

  30. Dillian Stockman

    I thought it would of been better

  31. Jennifer Castro


  32. Duncan Kieliszak

    Wait until they meet the Deviljho, the Rajang or the Fatalis

  33. erickatin1

    I bought this movie but instead got the one where the ghostbusters (the grandpa) is their I wanted this movie and i didn’t get it and it makes me sad

  34. Moon Hazarika

    Why does 7rings soundtrack here?😂

  35. Cody MacCarroll

    You ever been to Subway?

  36. Anton Baldwin-Roberge

    No one: every one in the comments: "There hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years" GB 2016 "Hey what abou-"

  37. Jonathan Le roux

    Will there be a jumaji 3

  38. ME LLO

    This is gonna be so much boring without Ray , Peter , Egon , and Winston🙄😏 Gonna spoil the movie

  39. Bluekingmigs

    Are guys missing something? *The Palicos*

  40. epiloguemetalogue

    how is this legacy. please enlighten me **shaking my head**

  41. Sabrina

    😞 we can't see it hier good movie

  42. True Damage

    2:20 what the hell are you? We are Venom

  43. Zac Radclif Gabriel Cruz -29

    WHy do people hate this movie it's better than the old one -_-

  44. ArcGamer

    Happy diabetes

  45. Evan Bastian

    they need THE OG

  46. Jadell

    Jesus. The amount of dislikes on the trailer, I know this movie three years old but I love this movie. And when the Movie ended everyone claped

  47. Noe De LDZ

    Hola en qué aplicación se puede mirar esta película en español??greyhouse

  48. Ghostbusters Paper make

    It has a gunner seat ecto1: yeah but anyways Siren continues eraaan eraann eraann eraann eraaawn


    That was weird but i like if you act a joker,it is nice with harley quinn🎃🎃🎃




      If you ask me,if you act as joker,that was more better

  50. Brittany L

    Just watch the original. Better execution all around. My bill is in the mail.

  51. Lolp Lo

    Borat is more funny than this

  52. Marco Rivera


  53. Aadil Farooqui

    I think wrong brother got adopted at the both end

  54. farax nuux fy

    Whose watch 2020?

  55. Wi Parker


  56. Andrei Timofte

    Did the CGI guys used the dragon from Game of Thrones for this movie or I'm having a problem?

  57. Frosty Tropic

    1. Leave the US military out of monster hunter 2. Magic doesn't exist in monster hunter (except maybe dragons) so the runes are bullshit 3. The physics are off 4. The rathalos's landing is unrealistic 5. Actually research monster hunter (Edit) 6. The characters are unlikable and generic 7. How does she know how to fight with blades if she's only been train with guns 8. Try playing the game for once (Edit 2) 9. Why is she wearing basic armours when you've got so many good sets from the game to pick from?

  58. Tiago Sprung

    Some people has the talent to destroy a good film, how dare they to call this "Legacy"

  59. jorge lopez

    Surf's up!

  60. FragOMatic

    Let There Be................ A TRAILER!

  61. sanu

    At this point i will watch anything with a milla jovovich

  62. Petrol Head

    Way out from the game itself Oh man this gonna be suck. Transformers + Resident evil = this ☝🏻

  63. Emilija Pav

    This reminds me of cabin in the woods

  64. Jeremi Ramon Lingga

    I know this film because the second episode haha

  65. Me Sus

    one of the most badly acted movie ever

  66. Mikaela Denise

    Thankful i discovered this because of Fantasy Island ❤❤

  67. Sam Samson

    Thumbs up if you want to see what happens next in The Craft 3.

  68. Peanuttbutterjellytoby

    This looks worse than dragon wars

  69. BavarianHerz

    This remake was pathetic and insulting to the original film.

  70. punkleton gaming


  71. sonu koul

    Wakanda forever

  72. shehani fernando

    I always loved Jo and Lori...

  73. youcantkilltwice

    Everything SJWs, femiNAZI attacks began with this. World will change soon. Men' Rights Movement rises

  74. Boni Neto

    2:18 definitely a gold crown

  75. Jaceimations

    the dad sounds so much like frank from F is fir family

  76. Tuấn Phạm anh


  77. Boni Neto

    "This is officially below my pay grade" "We are the Guardians of the Galaxy now?" "Did you see that thing?" The only ones left in my bingo of cliche action movie lines are: "I didn't sign up for this!" "So God help us all" "Give me one good reason not to kill you now" "Is that the best you can do?" “He’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?" “Yeeeeah... A little TOO quiet.”

  78. PisethUddom Pheurn

    The rock is stupid I’m just kidding

  79. Manthan Saglani

    2:11 was that tom holland

  80. Johnny Batarao

    lol dolls