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  1. Lisa Edwards


  2. Vol Mania


  3. Jon casimir

    Totally agree

  4. Alys Oooo

    Got this on replay!! Me and husband are going on 12 years! We always get that ...people alway say “y’all are together?” It doesn’t matter about the looks because that fades away, it’s about how they treat you. 🙂

  5. Ashley Eades

    I listen to this song all the time and it hits me so hard

  6. Harli Fountain

    To the 701 people who disliked this video 🤚

  7. Madison Willetts

    This is my favorite song by him🖤🖐🏽

  8. Brandon Setters

    Never would I have thought a song on this CD would be better than one that Chris Stapleton was featured in, but this one did it!!great tune ol buddy!

  9. Avery Wraight

    Not me crying over a certain part..

  10. WP_ Hicks

    the amount of love i have for this girl..........

  11. Courtney Hupp

    Okay babyyyyy you did that 🔥

  12. Jakob Hughes

    Leave I like Morgan wallen

  13. Jackson Perry

    Whoever disliked this song you have no taste in music

  14. shawn


  15. emily emerson

    this is the first one of your songs that I have cried just listening too 😭💕

  16. Rylee Belle

    Love it

  17. Erika Ostrowski

    Thanks so much Stetson for introducing me to Morgan Wallen ❤️

  18. Aleccsander Duncan

    Hey ik you'll never see this but I listen to your lyrics brother ik its hard keep on keeping on you'll never live today over again and tomorrow may never come

  19. Steven Shirley

    Best song I heard in a long time love it! I learned it on guitar already! Great job Morgan wallen

  20. Skylar Grace

    My new favorite song

  21. Josh Chase

    I love this ❤️

  22. Alexis Mae

    Best song

  23. Emily Snapka

    I’m so proud of Morgan not letting Luke Bryan sing this song. He would put his dumb twang on it and it doesn’t need that. It needs a homestyle feel to it. I love this

  24. Josh Nonnemacher

    i NEED to see him live

  25. Casey'slifewithCP

    This is my favorite song off of the album

  26. Jackson Carpenter

    I genuinely think he had to hold back tears while recording this.

  27. Will Talkington

    Can anyone ID his shirt?!? It’s so fire!!!

  28. Jimmy Gregory

    I am coming to your concert in Nashville

  29. shieldmaiden000

    Wow! Mesmerizing to say the least! Morgan, love your voice and the way you pour your heart into your songs. Well done! "Thought cowboys drank whiskey, so we drank bottom shelf.." Love it!


    Should make a song with Eric church

  31. Hayden Ruble

    Goat of country music this album proves it

  32. Hayden Ruble

    No doubt in my mind Morgan Wallen is the best country singer of all time this hole album proves that to

  33. Danielle Nowakowski


  34. Chanelle Malacaria

    how is there dislikes on this. to everyone who has done this i hate u.

  35. callyisawesome 123


  36. triztine92

    Makes me miss my east TN home

  37. Peyton Culver

    This song makes me wanna grow a mullet, buy a Silverado, and shotgun a Bud Light

  38. Ray Small

    I am listening daily to the great sounds of Morgan Wallen, thanks for your music inspiration!

  39. Brayden Witt

    This is his best song in this album

  40. Butch Yocham

    107 people who have disliked this they are stupid

  41. Nicholas Saldana

    This is my new favorite song, well done Morgan.

  42. Ronny Charles Music

    Dan + Shay cover brought me here...

  43. Joseph Skavdahl

    This song is my new favorite song

  44. tanner stafford

    Best country song I’ve herd in awhile

  45. Jasleen Mann

    This is the absolute best album ever and I mean obviously because this is the absolute best singer ever 💟😍

  46. J.D.M Garage

    This song hits different when you haven't been feeling yourself lately.

  47. Ginger_Lion2333

    thanks for the song brother...

  48. Emilee Hoyte

    Put this on Spotify please

  49. HellyWelly93

    Love this!

  50. jonathan bossler

    I love this album

  51. jonathan bossler

    I love this damn album

  52. jonathan bossler

    Learning this one damn great album all around

  53. Josh M


  54. Katelyn Baker

    I wish my radio station would play this 110 times a day 🥰✋🏻💜👍🏻👌🏻💯 it's absolutely AMAZING ✋🏻

  55. Yaplayedyaself

    Love the song!!!!♥️

  56. John b

    Morgan there are too many women out here to worry about 1I will represent you my tattoo of what it represents

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  58. Mariah Kitterman

    I haven't been a country fan since Alan Jackson and Toby Keith in the early 2000's (family projected it on me) But I am 100% obsessed with Morgan. I know everyone says this, but I really don't think he can write a bad song

  59. Biscuit Bumper

    Will this version ever be on Spotify?

  60. Ellissa Smith

    someone take me to eastern Tennessee. It’s just like an hour away from my hometown 🤷‍♀️🥺

  61. Elani Aliana Gamez

    The way he says ✨Eastern Tennessee ✨ in the end

  62. G P

    Oh my heart. He’s gone :(

  63. Brett Scharff

    Amazing how big Morgan didn’t even write this one even tho he’s from eastern TN. His buddy, Hardy, and the boys must have known this song had Morgan’s name on it from conception! Best song on the album 💿🐸🤭

  64. Gabriel Alves

    he´s a country singer thats uses beats ... pretty interesting

  65. Chiefs Cards 29

    Ain't to big on Nashville but this is great

  66. Melissa Massey

    I love this one. I would love to be somebody’s problem ❤️

  67. DaBaby


  68. nicole mordini

    Morgan, your voice is so amazing! Such great tone and texture!!

  69. nicole mordini

    please put this version on Spotify!! I'm obsessed!!

  70. Brandon Hager

    2:27 for all you TikTok folk

  71. xAsher94x

    this song is so beautfiful and omg do a collab with lewis capaldi !!!!!!!

  72. Hadison Butterbredt

    My dads is a Ford person not a Chevy or any other truck, but yours songs are amazing

  73. Grant Lee

    This is just Amazing Brother !!!

  74. Jj Rizzo


  75. Juliet Geyser


  76. Dwight Mac iv

    Ole.charlie Crockett and best you in everything ole son

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  78. 1bls

    This song hit me hard. I really love his voice without all the effect. The highest compliment an artist can get is the fact that they don’t need studio magic. He definitely doesn’t need studio magic.

  79. Jermane Simmons


  80. Jermane Simmons