Heya! My name is Vivienne, and I like to animate cartoons and songs!
I am a grad of SVA in NYC, majoring in traditional animation, and I animate films based on the silly characters I keep coming up with! I have also taken to trying to fan animate some songs every now n' then. Songs that give me inspiration or direct visuals! I adore musicals and villains and animals, can't you tell? Hope you enjoy! c:

"What programs do you use?" TV Paint for animation, Adobe premiere, After effects, Sai and Photoshop!
"When is your next animation?" Animation takes time, but I'm almost always working on something! Soon as I can finish you'll see it!
"What are these characters you draw from?" They are from my various projects, I have TONS of projects!
"Why is your taste in music such shit?" It's cause it's my taste in music, it's not yours. I choose what songs I LOVE so they aren't shit to me!


Hazbin Hotel (comedy/Musical series) -IN Production-

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  1. Rat hehehe

    Omg I never noticed blitzo's eyes at 4:08


    #MINECRAFT for live

  3. 《LXnley B_Y》

    Wait when's The first Hazbin Hotel Episode coming? It's been a year... (NO RUSH I'M SORRY!!)


    7:22 Dat face

  5. Bean

    Best moment 25:16 Best moment #2 26:44 👌



  7. Ethan Doman

    New episode of helluva boss

  8. Hannah Reierson

    Ok ok, so vaggie told her: dont sing. She proceeds to sing. And then shes all: DONT LET THE FUCKIN SPOOKY ASS RADIO DEMON IN CHARLIE PLEASE! And charlie lets him in. Vaggie puts up with all this shit. Yall gonna really tell me Vaggie is straight? 😩✋

  9. Anathaël

    This episode had less views that episode 4... This is fine

  10. MR.09

    She happy


    I hate blitz-ø's voice actor but damn does he do the role so well.

    1. Bro

      the actual person or just his voice?

  12. Bruno Santos

    Whats App is used?

  13. Marcos Carreno

    I love how the salesman says "this crap"

  14. Charles Harbour

    I have a felling that in the last episode of season 1 there's gonna be a post credit scene were Charlie is gonna go talk to imp or alastor is gonna approach stolas OR blitz is gonna share some words with the hazbin hotel crew

  15. check Game

    How did she sing while fight while she die by lamp

  16. Tord

    My fav parts 2:42 25:16

  17. NatsuDragneel341

    May sound ironic but I’m addicted to this song

  18. William Cobb

    On the back of the cereal box there is the clown fizzeroli. Thanks for the little ad vivzie pop

  19. Angel Dust

    Now I know where alastor’s ears come from

  20. Star dust. Moon dust. 1996

    Hell boos Pretty awesome Brandon Rogers acting voice blitz

    1. Star dust. Moon dust. 1996

      Hell boos Pretty awesome Brandon Rogers acting voice blitz

    2. Star dust. Moon dust. 1996

      Hell boos Pretty awesome Brandon Rogers acting voice blitz

    3. Star dust. Moon dust. 1996

      Hell boos Pretty awesome Brandon Rogers acting voice blitz

    4. Star dust. Moon dust. 1996

      Hell boos Pretty awesome Brandon Rogers acting voice blitz

    5. Star dust. Moon dust. 1996

      Hell boos Pretty awesome Brandon Rogers acting voice blitz

  21. Komics Ink

    Lol why not just Destroy the car

    1. Comment Spae


  22. Samantha Wilkenson

    Fs in the chat for the cat puppet

  23. Holley wolly

    I thought it was pronounced "hell oova boss," not "hell of a boss"

  24. Vaas Montenegero

    I really did like hazbin hotel but Alistor all ways seemed like a shittier version of bill cipher or abridged Alucard

  25. Ty Stavinoha-Kindle

    Conversation leads to HPV!

  26. dbzcupcake

    8:55 let's appreciate most of them are ladies here😂

  27. Schmidlin Kids

    Don't interrupt the radio demon on his songs noted

  28. destiny

    I'm thinking of buying a mouse pad and a hoodie

  29. Luke’s Gaming Galaxy

    Hazbin hotel is my favourite anime

  30. StrawKenny

    Cherry bomb was blonde-

  31. Moody San

    hell yeaaaahh~~~~~~~ Love you guys!!!!!! So excited for more eps >;D

  32. Jay Bonn


  33. Luis Alejandro de Paz

    No entendí una mierda pero me gusta la serie

  34. Ace_ Hunter

    Why is there a warning for horse

  35. Issobella Kolesnikoff

    *vibing* *vibing* hair: *catches fire* *panicked vibing*

  36. Lauricourt Benjamin

    On peut juste parler le manque de respect pour Vagi qui a pris un coup d'Angie en lui disant "tg!"😃🙂

  37. Bon_Artz

    "I was good my entire life" Yea same, but then I went through puberty o(╥﹏╥)o

  38. Diego Miguel

    I hope thay but helluva boss in Netflix

  39. a nobody

    how come theres barely any cherri bomb merch? T.T

  40. Just Nobody

    I've watched Hazbin Hotel & waiting... For more. Already watched 5 episodes of Helluva Boss, will you PLEASE work more on these shows?

    1. sun wukong

      Sorry, but you need to wait. You should understand that animation like this need a lot of money and effort. For example the Hazbin Hotel Pilot needed 3 years to be made.

  41. Mad Laddie

    6:52 I found Wally!!!

  42. Anton Abrahamsson

    6:26 there is an obvious error here that goes on until 6:30

  43. Scorps

    3:13 Lmao

  44. Gacha anime y crepy

    Se dieron cuánta que al inicio tiene dos brazos más y después no :v

  45. FadleLight

    When blitzo wants his parking spot, *he will have his parking spot one way or another*

  46. Mr. Wither HMC

    I just love how alister is just so nonchalant about having the door closed in his face Ok alister is just naturally nonchalant

  47. Alejandro Ochoa

    13:47 That one girl

  48. DeusEXCrusader

    furries takeing over, RUN RUN

  49. Tanner Wiley

    can you guys maybe make baseball ts lol. regardless deff having to get one of them shirts. one because there bad ass two just knowing it will help keep episodes coming i want to help because these series are fire

  50. sweetsendaedreamr

    Whoa rocked my world..

  51. Aviva Calixa

    2:34 Boop!

  52. Chloe Wolf

    𝚠𝚊𝚒𝚝 𝚜𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚘𝚕𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚠? 𝙳𝚊𝚖

  53. Alina Martin

    omgg i cant wait for MAYBE part 6

  54. darryl huffman

    can you place new episodes this is awesome

  55. Tyler Bowie

    is that zim, or billy?

  56. Zern io

    I love Angel so much!!

  57. darryl huffman

    can you place my new episodes this is awesome

  58. Israel Daniel

    Norman Reedus was perfect for this. Props to the producers and writers.. The sound affects, whenever Striker talks like the hissing and subtle roars in the background accenting his snakelike motives and personality.. but also the ferocity and brutality at which he attacks a goal. Phenomenal character building. Striker is my knee favorite character for sure. Such a great show.

  59. silver 134

    6:07 XD

  60. Huulu

    Viziepop cnat keep making absolute bangers without having a full music video. I need these songs on my playlist

  61. B R O K E N L A m p

    When you realize that the kid in the bunny outfit was in one of the helluva boss episodes and then was murdered

  62. Jay Bonn

    Who is that voice?!

  63. Berry Søda

    1:41 does anyone notice the movie poster??? Possible spoiler???

  64. Laterina Pen

    I can’t believe Vivziepop turned the whole pilot into an anime.

  65. SiimplySquishy

    Me waiting for episode 6

  66. Jay Bonn

    What a lovely tenor

  67. Kayley Dilles

    When the second episode comes out I’ll feel like I’ve woken up in the garden of eden

  68. Star Smith

    Me when I found out blizo has spots on his hole body 👁👄👁

  69. Lancelot

    I thought Purgatony was great but This and Hazbin Hotel are Better

  70. Salomey Dwamena

    2millon cash Jesus oh my goodness 😱I want that 🥺

  71. Ka Mi

    I'm 11

  72. opzz xsin

    Damn, Blitzo is actually kind of a badass in a fight. And props for not selling out his team.

  73. KimAckerman 21

    Holy fuck they got Norman Reedus?! No wonder the voice sounded familiar😍

    1. opzz xsin

      "Hmmm, there's no water in this third game, I wonder how the shark is gonna... there it is."