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  1. lovecassies

    * pause at 3:45 * lol its a _dingaling_

  2. high tunnel

    Lmao I couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂 gmm game plays are my absolute favorite please don’t ever stop these

  3. Stephanie Snow

    2020 was best time to deliver on the coloring book boys!

  4. Maia Stenger

    16:26 Sadness

  5. grantairezee

    i really just wanted rhett to have some mysterious arcane onion knowledge, honestly.

  6. Dani Adams

    I did pretzels in the butter cream, cream cheese ones for a salty sweet snack

  7. xvdummyvx82

    Raw sweet potato and peanut butter is great

  8. odetoanathema

    “your parents have joined a cult” oof, hits a little too close to home right now with the conservative trumper cult taking over america and most of them are boomers lol

  9. Levi Curiel

    Let's continue with this, shall we? Day #80 of asking Rhett and Link to do this idea - What if you guys got all of the BEST dishes from previous episodes (e.i. Animal Style mac& cheese, sweet nashville chicken, etc.) and put them head-to-head on a tournament-style competition in order to determine which creation is the BEST of the BEST? That would be AWESOME!!!

  10. misty Handley

    Rainbow chip icing is the best!!!!

  11. KW

    their eyes are both beautiful and psychotic

  12. Ashley Wyatt

    I'm with Link! I'll take a coconut water or a mudslide, keep the pins coloda!

  13. Get Owned Inc

    Congrats on the .com site!

  14. Ubihadril Tatsusbhsis


  15. Grace Z.

    I wish they could continue this and make this into a Minecraft series

  16. snuterella

    Felix is so awkward lmao

  17. Grace Z.

    They should make a gaming channel

  18. Attila Light

    This is why I love GMMMores haha 😂

  19. Faye S

    Link's hair

  20. abbeysonic

    I just wanna say I'm glad they're not gamers xD

  21. Luke Villermin

    Rhett put your hair in a ponytail it would look funny I would like to see it

  22. abbeysonic

    This is very dad to me

  23. hi

    please do among us!!

  24. cunning deb

    When I was a kid my best friend and I used to put tubbed icing on plain rice cakes - not so healthy LOL. Back then in the 70s I think there was only one flavour of rice cake - styrofoam

  25. Dee Dee The Bee

    Best Betty Crocker icing flavor is rainbow chip

  26. Chris

    I love how Rhett doesn't know anything about Betty Crocker but he's still so certain in his guesses xD

  27. Cobra Kai fan

    Cobra kai 💪

  28. Elijah James

    2:32 ha wrong

  29. Dylan Heath

    “I’m the donkey” “That’s a goat. That’s your problem.”

  30. Just Emma

    Yeah um, don’t listen to this with earphones on 😂😂😂

  31. Animal Shelter Amanda

    Definitely was not looking looking for screaming at 5 am 😂

  32. Dillon Fisher

    Me: "Oh man... I hope Lemon, Cherry or Strawberry win..." Link: "These 3 are losers." I feel attacked.

  33. Melanie Hartle

    I dont think anything will top Butt Finger Joe

  34. Ratryoshka

    At one point it sounded like Mongolian throat singing

  35. S P

    Yay! I love their lets plays. Wish they did them more often.

  36. Jason White

    Close your eyes and just listen - wow.

  37. estelle healer

    Why are they spouting facts about this company over them trying to rank them. I’m trying to keep up with two conversations at the same time and double tasking is making it hard for me to focus.

  38. Lilpeej D

    What I wouldn't do to switch places with one of them for a day!

  39. Carly Stevens

    Absolutely love links sweatshirt!!

  40. Michael Germanos

    rhet: "it tasted a little sweet doesnt it?" link: "no" lmaooooooo

  41. The Beaver

    wait if your cucumber goes sideways you have a problem?

  42. Lucinda Lopez

    A coconut is a Drupe. It’s something that’s considered a fruit, a nut and a seed all in one

  43. It's Kelli

    I loveee when they play games 😭👏

  44. Gregg Kniff

    Join the Mythicult haha

  45. Amanda Lemere

    Missing the Rainbow chip frosting

  46. blurryangelus


  47. Shelley Barton

    After my mom finished baking our birthday cake we would take any extra frosting and sandwich it in between graham crackers. Sooo good. 🤤

  48. warm & fluffy socks

    One of my favorite cakes: boxed chocolate cake mix, w Betty crocker LEMON FROSTING. COLD CAKE. Great stuff!!! 😍 😍😍

  49. Scott Morgan

    Is it a cult? Is it occult?

  50. lamesauce

    this video is so frustrating! read the instructions! i’m shouting with/at them but it’s doing nothing!

  51. Stefano Conca

    To full understand "che palle" you should act like that famous Robert Downey, Jr. meme

  52. ImComptonable

    I have a crumble contact but it’s 60/gram

  53. Stefano Conca

    Climbing on mirrors.. Within a dialogue.. try to give unuseful explanation.. unlikely excuses...

  54. prince joopie

    I wonder if Link also pronounces "book" and "cook" like that. "It's a double-o!"

  55. Ashley Wyatt

    Not only do I painfully know the freezing point of water (currently 10 degrees where I am) but I know the danger zone for food.

  56. ken engler

    I think this is the most times link has made me laugh in one video. "You looked away for a second?" Everything he said after that kept making me laugh. Klink was on point in this

  57. Jessica Christman

    Let me just say mid video without reading the comments i think this is a prank 😂😂😂

  58. Wilmer Q

    I just watched two guys screaming for 20 minutes

  59. Lisa Humphries

    That was hysterical. I’ve never seen that before. But sorry, I couldn’t get through the whole video. Haha.

  60. Alyssa Germain

    I bought some frosting today and now I'm seeing this in my recommendations? Wtf

  61. Aaisha Al Abada

    the whole cult thing reminds me of Riverdale

  62. bigHtown36

    Should try all the Cheez It cracker styles next

  63. Mark McClary

    Turn me over and now I am everything. cit me in half (while still sideways) and I am nothing. I knew this answer immediately. 8

  64. J Master

    Sour cream is vile and should be made illegal.

  65. Ashlin F

    The best one is the vanilla with the little rainbow chocolate chips!

  66. LittleRedHaired Girl

    This one was so, so cute. Little friends playing and being sweet.

  67. R u Cray

    Nobody "soaks" their teeth in any type of soda,

  68. Ze Bloody Axol

    Remember, no matter how big you are, how misshapen or deformed you may be, you still taste the same.💕

  69. Joe Kreis

    Freeze graham crackers and frosting sandwiches then dip it in milk until the graham crackers are soft. Trust me it is an amazing dessert!

  70. Babs Bunnie

    Are Cherry & Strawberry regional flavors? Cause I'm on the East coast & I swear I've never seen them in my life

  71. Kelsi Haller

    Rainbow chip.

  72. Sanctuary Bear


  73. Krystal Mendez

    *before entering bean land, screen clearly says to knock over beans* Rhett- "are we suppose to knock over the beans?"

  74. nichisjesus

    That water for the pour overs did nottt look hot enough, that's why they seemed so watery and smooth, they just made really weak coffee lol. They shoulda used that insulated jug from the instants for the pour overs too

  75. Shawn Zellner

    Where the heck is rainbow chip

  76. Sarah Gaither

    Rhett should curl link’s hair

  77. Jamison A

    Rhetts hair tho

  78. Valerie umana

    Dang such great people

  79. Loa Lane

    I am shearing this KGup video with jp of bettey Crocker' something new its heather hall

  80. toasty as toast

    This really is how people be shopping in 2021.