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  1. Franky I never forget

    Plane and simple sugerhill gang stole all there rhymes that was the binging. No loyalty since day one

  2. Nico Flores

    Made her looks stupid so many times

  3. sean albatross

    great drip.

  4. Ivan Alzugaray

    2:50 I don’t know if it was Greece or Athens

  5. Xayvion Demelo

    you guys can not lie tekashi 6ix9ine speaks facts when he’s not trolling and she didn’t do this interview well

  6. Hadiza Y.

    She’s so likeable


    I can’t even listen to this man and believe anything he says smh lmao


    Him and trump can be best friends 🧡+💖💜💙💚💛🧡❤️


    Why you keep touching her bruh😑

  10. Wave Bounce

    Deep yo!

  11. Marco Moniz

    This kids a goof don’t understand how he have followers!!!!

  12. Lindsey Robets

    He’s like the Alex Jones of rap


    A rat is a rat, if you are part of what is known as a (rural) Gang!, mafias. The world has become very selfish and the truth is that 69 is a sell out, he talks of morals, he has no morals, just greed for money and all that shit that comes with it....booshy ...twat ass. Be a man, stop being a child. 69.

  14. James Morgan

    Interviewer has no energy and sucks.

  15. The Nightmare Before you

    No rats do have bones. 69 was run down on in jail and checked in to pc (protected custody) till he got out. He was a bitch in lock up.

  16. Phillip Schofield

    What is that thing

  17. Milton Smith

    £^76 kM;d

  18. Milton Smith

    €¥< 3

  19. Alex

    did this dude get a hair transplant?

  20. Ibreyanah

    This a weird ass show!

  21. TheGnk2430

    Seems like we have heard a similar story like this dating back in the 90’s couple of fellas by the names John Gotti and Sammy the bull

  22. Leonardo Nobrega

    16:00 LMAO he is talking about Cardi b 😆 but he can’t admit it. Why you bringing her up THO 😜

  23. Fashen Wilson

    This was a beautiful message. Thank you❤️

  24. Amelia James

    Im tryna figga out why The Shade Room blocked my sis from Instagram😂🤣 All she did was like a few post here and there..gotta love our black folks!!

  25. Bollywood Singing

    Kevin gates dick not big 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Rafael Alvarez

    Drink everything he touches her leg. 🥴

  27. Aaliyah

    If 6ix9ine made a book about this I'd actually read it

    1. Aaliyah

      @Amelia James yeah I literally just finished watching it now

    2. Amelia James

      Did you see the Hulu Documentary?

  28. Hatsune Miku


  29. Aaliyah

    I want 6ix9ine to make a documentary about this because it would be so interesting, his life is so interesting

  30. Jean lucky

    How many times u gonna touch that woman's leg every three words?

  31. Flx Gld

    This dude look like lionel from The Thundercats

  32. Dynamic Solution

    Long story short...too late buddy!

  33. Ritz CarlTon #

    He shouldn’t put his hands on her PERIODT

  34. Alex J

    This was a terrible interview.. ill at least day I respect his honesty and point of view in response to snitchin and abiding by the street code. Almost every person bends to the law ive seen it. Cops will tell you.. you'll never see your kids again! Kiss your wife good bye and call your mom. Interrogation techniques are meant to break people down and a lot of cops will push it much further. Im not defending him, but he's right when he said everyone expects you to stick to the code but they wouldn't. I been rated on by my home before and he folded because of the threat of 6 months time. Tell me your dude gonna take 5 years, 10 years, 20 to life for you. Life ain't the cenima lol ppl out for me me me when they close that curtain. Idk 69.... i ain gonna judge you bro. But i wouldn't be judging if you got gunned down for breaking code. But if you get gunned down.... God damn mfrs gotta work cuz everybody is snitchin

  35. RC RC

    lol there is loads of black latinos, as if there only was black people inUSA

  36. El Pedro

    His dad sounds like he knew who he was and stayed in his lane. You wouldn’t be known as a snitch if you did the same.

  37. Ritz CarlTon #

    She asked “At that moment do you think you gonna die”,, literally after he said “it’s over, it’s over” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ dummy

  38. Ritz CarlTon #

    “The release of what song? “ what is she talking about? Correct me if I’m wrong but 69 only have 2 songs with Nicki Minaj.

  39. Nicole Graham

    I love this kid’s confidence

  40. Junior Cosio

    The interviewer is annoying as fuck. Just shut up and let him talk

  41. CND Glock vu

    It this part for me 2:20

    1. CND Glock vu


  42. pouncey007

    22:45...said well, I respect Danny for these words. If somebody...or a gang expects you to bow down and give them what you earned then they can go "F" themselves. I scratch your back and you scratch mine. Not I scratch your back and you take. Danny is a leader not a follower.

  43. K’s Reality

    dog too cocky for me 🙄🙄🙄

  44. L

    I can’t remember the same shot 25 times. I’m lost.

  45. Blu Agar

    Jade a real one

  46. pamela millsap

    Keep yo grass cut low

  47. Kylie Smith

    This interviewer is horrible trying to call him out on some B.S and he's literally putting her in her place with these horrible questions she's asked him. Hopefully she's gotten way better since this interview 🙏 😕

  48. Billynaire Cruz

  49. Kylie Smith

    Interviewer I'm not gonna interrupt you but does it about every other minute. All I wanna do is hear his story. All her questions are ok but not what people are really wanting to hear from him. Its rather annoying 🙄 😒 😑

  50. Jay

    still a snitch doesnt change anything

  51. Cameron Rowland

    Im a Scorpio ♏️

  52. Ritz CarlTon #

    What point was she tryna make by saying the black community take black men serious? She kept saying it, idk if I missed the follow up reason.

  53. Ritz CarlTon #

    PERIODT! PERIODT! PERIODT!!!!!! His point made about the people that was suppose to be loyal to him.

  54. Dontia Alston

    57:15 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 he was in pc he aint have no worries‼️‼️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Sparkz Mentalz

    One thing about 6ix is he is a master at working interviews and comes super prepared for all the hate. When I saw him handle Charlemagne a few years back on Breakfast Club I knew dude was smart.

  56. SmhBrittBratt

    Her personality is everything

  57. Nick Chapa

    Anyone else see him n his dog kissing 15;40 😂

  58. John Mcmillan

    This lady is s l o w .lol.holy shit lady its not about you...let the snitch tell the story....

  59. Alexandra Duncan

    This why I love 69.

  60. Ritz CarlTon #

    CARDI B...... 🥱

  61. mr bean2

    His turning into a female now he might as well add lips stick

  62. Stanley Drysdale

    The black culture reveers "Nipsy Hussle"....

  63. A Ruse

    Hahahaha this is lowest IQ conversation I’ve ever heard

  64. Diamond Noland

    Yall she really just got her to say she like her bf Nephew MORE THAN A BROTHER! 🤡🤣

  65. Brian Cagle

    Look people. If u were there in the 90s when the east coast west coast thing was going. It was made up drama for money and fame. And some kid didn't know that and people got killed. FAKE SET UP DRAMA FOR FAME. it wasn't a mystery why biggie and pac got killed. It was fake drama and some kid didn't know that and boom. That's why u don't see other rappers do this shit.

  66. maitrik Patel

    > how many of you are full from all the thanksgiving food... - i also made another youtube game.


    I would have snitched too straight up

  68. Victor Hernandez

    "I don't know if I was coming home from Greece or Athens.." 🤣🤣🤣

  69. John Kenny

    She trying to get him to say do and think her way.

  70. Youtube Xpert

    I still don't care that he snitched lol didn't even need an explanation. Why do I care he snitched on these people?

  71. Chellez 86

    Go on Joe Rogan lol

  72. Adrian Stevens

    Love how he' domestic s so much

  73. Kelvin Brank

    U can tell she don't like him why not have someone interview him

  74. Kelvin Brank

    Man she annoying af theore she talk the more mad I get

  75. Kelvin Brank

    Lol his BBY mom any shit and they ant say shit bad bout her in the doc

  76. abdarahmane sow


  77. C. Jensen

    Damn! If u snitch,u snitch! Why making a video with explaination for hours with 2 parts with a woman outfit with 100 colors. Somebody snitch ,get over it. People are different. Outsiders have to take their own paths. Gangers are real,but it's really boring to be real 24/7. It's 2020 folks....

  78. cam reynolds

    This is so EYE opening!


    Media sure can twist news an spread propaganda!FACT!

  80. L.B. Walker

    Where is he going with this struggle lacefront messy man bun on top his head lmao he outta there!